The Great Allegheny Passage is a 150-mile biking and hiking rail-trail from Point State Park in Pittsburgh to Canal Place in Cumberland, MD. It’s a superb destination in southwest Pennsylvania and mountain Maryland for those into outdoor recreation. But the ride aside, those towns it passes through – our Trail Towns – are destinations themselves with creative currents to discover and are worth the stop.

Got an artsy side? You’ll find your trip enhanced by checking out the public art along the trail and spending time in the towns seeing what they’ve got to offer. From the historic private collections in Cumberland to local handiwork in Rockwood or the grand museums and performances of the South Side and Pittsburgh, there’s sometime to look forward to. And maybe to take home as well.

This is a guide to the art offerings along the Great Allegheny Passage. Look up exhibitions, events, and performances in the ‘Events’ section. Or browse the ‘Attractions’ pages to find shops and galleries. And to preview what murals and sculptures landmark your journey biking the GAP, check out ‘Public Art Along The Trail.’

(All photo credits are to the Trail Town Program unless otherwise specified.)


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