MILE 32 – Meyersdale, PA

Week of 4.7 042-2
Carolyn Quinn – (Mural) 2008

This richly detailed mural is a true gateway piece. Visitors are greeted from the trail by the likeness of Meyersdale founder Peter Meyers and the display of the town’s history. While the Western Maryland railroad may be gone, the Salisbury viaduct it rode over still stands a few short miles north on the trail. And even though the images of hay threshing and sugaring may seem of a time gone by, the “Maple City” still taps its trees to make maple syrup and scenes of agriculture done by the old-fashioned kind of horsepower persist.

Diane Adams – (Mural) 2012

One of Washington County artist Diane Adams’s two artworks in Trail Towns, this large mural painted on the back of the Somerset Trust Co. building greets you when entering downtown from the west, just as another large mural greets visitors entering from the trail on the other end of the same road. Personalizing the present while valuing the past, depicted along with historical imagery of the Meyers home and street scenes are a couple of more recent local personalities: Henry Cook – the CEO of Somerset Trust Co. – as a bank teller, and the late Alice Saylor Glime keeping a kind eye over the town from the balcony.

mdale dough boy resize adjust

Ernest Moore Viquesney – The Spirit of the American Doughboy (1920, erected 1928)

The life-size statue of a World War I soldier that resides in Monument Square at the intersection of US 219, Meyers Ave, and Center St in downtown Meyersdale is one of several hundred of EM Viquesney’s doughboy statues across the US.  This  particular image is among the most replicated of war monument statuary, and you may have already seen its copies elsewhere too (including its depiction in the lower right hand corner of the mural above).   The statute’s figure is realistically composed of details accurate to the American Expeditionary Forces troops in WWI, down to the brand of rifle and the gas-mask pouch, and to the scene of blasted stumps and barbed wire.  This one is dedicated to 22 military men from Meyersdale named by the plaque on the pedestal.

Menser Books Dreams Fairy Tails mural

George and Keith Menser – Books, Dreams And Fairy Tails (2005)

At the corner of Main and Center St, the Meyersdale public library is a good stop for trail users to get wifi or get information about town or get out of the rain. In the children’s section is found this mural which, looking closely you’ll discover a clever storybook world transported to a local setting.

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  1. George Menser says:

    There is a mural in the Meyersdale Public Library painted by me. It’s painted in the children’s room in the library. How do I get it included in this section? George Menser.

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