MILE 43.5 – Rockwood, PA

Rockwood Mural
Diane Adams – (Mural) 2008

Created as part of the Pittsburgh 250 campaign, Diane Adams painted late Rockwood resident Maynard Sembower at the age of 99 into this mural facing the trail. Reimagining him as a conductor, Adams painted Sembower so that his image continues to welcome visitors as the trail ‘ambassador’ and personalize the history of the city, which is also depicted here including the Rockwood motto, the last Western Maryland locomotive to pass through, and images of the towns economic heritage.

DSC07270 resize adjust
Diane Adams – Rockwood Honor Roll, 2012

From the trailhead, follow the purple bike loop signs down Main Street. At Market Street in the center of town you will come across this dutifully kept, patriotic dedication to the armed forces.


Rockwood Pennyfarthing sculpture

Rockwood Area Merchants Association – (Sculpture)

Coming from the south towards the trail access area, an iron penny farthing rests upright on the side of the GAP trail.  You may want to, but please resist trying to ride it.


Jody Best and Scott Hostetler – (Sculpture) 2008

This funky metal sculpture at the Rockwood trailhead of a steam locomotive represents the blending of a railroading past and a cycling future, complete with donated train parts and bike tire rims for steam!



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