Duquesne and Homestead

MILE 135 – Duquesne, PA

Duquesne Mural panorama resize
Kyle Holbrook – (Mural) 2008

This mural is found at the Park-and-Ride parking lot that serves the Great Allegheny Passage, off the trail and a short way down Duquesne Blvd. Stretching 400 feet, it packs in a lot of local heritage in its breadth. Kyle Holbrook, a prolific Pittsburgh muralist with a number of colorful murals in the region (and even abroad), completed this project with the help of dozens of students.

MILE 139-140 – Homestead, PA

Homestead Labyrinth resize

Lorraine Vullo – Homestead Labyrinth, 2009

This eleven-ring cobblestone labyrinth can be found on the former grounds of the Homestead Steel Works and next to the historic Pump House at mile marker 139.  According to the explanatory sign next to it, this labyrinth’s lunations – the triangular stones at its circumference – are of three sizes, representing the three rivers of Pittsburgh and are engraved with the names of the city’s steelworks that have gone extinct.


MILE 130-140 – Homestead, PA

Homestead_pt 2 Homestead_pt1 Homestead pt 3 Homestead_pt 4The last photo above demonstrates the scale of this particular mural on Ann St. while the three close-up photos show the detail. It is a mix of tile artwork and canvas depicting the historical and cultural heritage Homestead is well known for. At the current moment, the artist or group of artists are unknown.

Homestead, PA

Homestead 8th aveRight off  the Homestead Grays Bridge, this series of mini murals are found on the side of the Steel Valley Printing Services building on 8th Avenue. As the mural displays, Homestead and the city of Pittsburgh have a lot of heritage not only in the steel industry, but also known for the famous Carnegie libraries and pierogies.

Homestead, PA

homestead_USSmonumentThis sculpture is also found off the Homestead Grays bridge and 8th Avenue, highlighting Homestead’s rich history in steel and railroads. On average, trains still roll through Homestead over eighty times a day.


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