MILE 88-89 – Connellsville, PA

IMGP2960-2 resize
Meeghan Triggs and Chris Galivas – Four Seasons, 2008

This mural by features seasonal scenes painted on three industrial silos at the Youghiogheny Glass Factory, and incorporates glass produced on-site. You can view them as you enter from the south on the trail.

Jody Best and Scott Hostetler – From Coke to Spokes, 2008

This sculpture at the corner of 1st St. and 3rd St. portrays in bright, brushed steel the coke ovens from a century ago that can still be found along the trail and which made the fuel that powered Pittsburgh’s mills and Connellsville’s economy. Instead of darkening the sky with fiery ash however, these coke ovens erupt with bursts of bicycle wheels for smoke.

Steven Fiscus – Gateway Arch, 2008

Showing off colorful stained-glass panes from the Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Factory located on the opposite side of town, this 14 ft-high arch is your gateway to Connellsville. Commissioned in 2008 by the Connellsville Redevelopment Authority to celebrate this Trail Town, this arch is a favorite landmark of many along the Great Allegheny Passage.

Gerald Metzger, Kevin Metzger, and Caitlyn Bovard – Molinaro Law Building, 1975-2008

The Molinaro Law Building on Water St. wears as much Connellsville pride and patriotism as it can bear. Beginning with the wall alongside the road in 1975 for Bicentennial commemorations, the murals kept expanding so that the whole building became a canvas for a whimsical yet still ardent celebration of local history.

Welcome to Connellsville mural

DSC04099-Collage copy

Sheree Cockrell – (Mural) 2010

Find this large 5-panel mural on Crawford Avenue by Meadow Lane in downtown, tucked beside the new home of a 25 by 50-ft model railway set and Connellsville Canteen Coffee Shop to open in 2014.


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